Screen Filtration Systems

Filtration systems Hidro Solo can be sized for any flow rate and pressure.
  • Best Cost Benefit.

    Best Cost Benefit.

  • For Over 38 Years Innovating and Evolving.

    For Over 38 Years Innovating and Evolving.

  • We operate throughout Brazil and Latin America.

    We operate throughout Brazil and Latin America.

Product Description

We use A36 carbon steel in screen filters and manifolds, and aluminum in couplings and 3-way valves to backwash, this gives practicality and versatility in the assembly.

Backwash Process:

We also have the option to automate the backwash the screen filters through a programmable control panel, by time or by pressure drop.

The automated backwash process is carried out by control unit which sends a signal to the solenoids at predetermined time or due to a preset head loss. These solenoids send a hydraulic signal that opens the backwash valves, reversing the flow and removing contaminants deposited on the screen mesh.

For manual backwash, simply activate the 3-way valve on the backwash valve lid.

Construction characteristics

MODEL FT 25 FT 50 FT 80
Body material Carbon steel Carbon steel Carbon steel
Anti-corrosion treatment (1) Epoxy / polyester Epoxy / polyester Epoxy / polyester
Material filter element Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Screen area - cm² 953 1740 2680
Effective area - cm² - mesh 45 (2) 400 730 1125
Effective area - cm² - mesh 60 (2) 372 678 1045
Effective area - cm² - mesh 200 (2) 352 643 991
Diameter - Input and Output Victaulic 2" Victaulic 3" Victaulic 4"
Filtering in micron degree (3) 360 / 260 / 77 360 / 260 / 77 360 / 260 / 77
Max. temperature - Operation 65° C 65° C 65° C
Max. pressure - Operation 150 mca (14.7 bar) 150 mca (14.7 bar) 150 mca (14.7 bar)
Backwash time 45 to 60 seg. 45 to 60 seg. 45 to 60 seg.
  1. Internal treatment with epoxy and external with polyester and epoxy combining the epoxy excellent protection against corrosion with polyester great resistance to UV radiation, for many years. Both paintings are powder, applied with a 90,000 volt electrostatic system and cured in a 230°C oven.
  2. Effective screen open area, subtracting the space occupied by the stainless steel wires.
  3. Dimensions of the largest possible solid spending, in microns, the screens mentioned meshes. We provide filtering with degrees of up to 20 microns.

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