Screen Filter Y

The 'Y' Screen Filter is another product with the Hidro Solo quality seal. Versatile, practical and efficient, it is designed to simplify installation in the distribution network. No extra structures will be needed for assembly, that is, just connect it to the network and put it to work.
  • Without geographics limits to sale

    Without geographics limits to sale

  •  Release with Hydro Soil quality

    Release with Hydro Soil quality

  • Great Cost Benefit

    Great Cost Benefit

Product Description

We have more than three decades dedicated to irrigation and water treatment and a great knowledge in the development of equipment adjusted to the need of the field. This enabled us to reach a simple, highly efficient, versatile, durable, and inexpensive product; both to acquire and to maintain. We managed to escape the binomial low quality - low cost and good quality - high cost. We reached the ideal, that is, combining economy with simplicity, technology and quality.

Construction characteristics

Models FY 25 FY 50 FY 80
Body material Carbon steel Carbon steel Carbon steel
Anti-corrosion treatment (1) Epoxy / polyester Epoxy / polyester Epoxy / polyester
Filtering Screen Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Screen area - cm² 953 1740 2680
Diameter - Input and Output Victaulic - 2" Victaulic - 3" Victaulic - 4"
Approximate weight - Kg 12 23 26
Standard mesh *** 45 45 45
Max. pressure - Operation 120 mca 120 mca 120 mca
  1. Internal treatment with epoxy and external with polyester and epoxy combining the epoxy excellent protection against corrosion with polyester great resistance to UV radiation, for many years. Both paintings are powder, applied with a 90,000 volt electrostatic system and cured in a 230°C oven.
  2. Effective screen open area, subtracting the space occupied by the stainless steel wires.
  3. Custom filter elements can be provided with stainless steel mesh screen from 5 to 400 mesh.

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