Master Block PLUVITEC®

High performance Confined Flow Fund for Sand Filters.

Exclusive advantages

Absolutely standardized dimensions for mounting filters of any size;
They do not require technical changes to the project or operational changes;
It does not require special preparation of the base for installation;
Low cost per square meter;
Quick and easy assembly;
Excellent in retrofitting old filters and constructing new ones;
Increases the sand filter’s efficiency;
Eliminates the false bottom;
There are no mechanical stresses that require costly structural constructions;
The support bed can be substantially reduced;
Works with or without air as backwash aid;
Absolute uniformity of water and air distribution;

  •  Over 38 Years In The Market

    Over 38 Years In The Market

  • Great Cost Benefit

    Great Cost Benefit

  • Without geographics limits to sale

    Without geographics limits to sale

Product Description

Our Blocks are injected in high impact polystyrene and the Crepines has the housing injected in engineering plastic, which along with its shape and the overlapping disks, makes it totally collapse proof. This eliminates the cost of early filter disassembly for repair.

Check below a video with records of the installation of the Master Block PLUVITEC® at Sabesp's ETA at Taubaté - São Paulo - Brazil.

Visualização em 3D

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