Hidro Solo softeners are the most modern in removing calcium and magnesium from water.

Exclusive advantages of softeners Hidro Solo


The fully automatic valve works depending on the volume of effectively softened water, regardless of  the elapsed time, ensuring high quality, efficiency and preventing brine waste.

The regeneration occurs only when it is required, the valve registers the exact softened water quantity to start the operation, avoiding unnecessary regeneration refereed by time.

The system is equipped with dual tanks, which can operate in continuous or intermittent supply, depending on the peculiarities of each project and, being modulated, it can be expanded by simply attaching new modules.

The operation is fully automatic. The only function of the operator is to place periodically salt in the brine tank.

Extremely compact, it can be easily installed in the point of use.

Regeneration is done with softened water, ensuring longer life to the resin.

The variation in water quality to be treated can be compensated by the easy adaptation of the equipment to the new parameters.

  • Without geographics limits to sale

    Without geographics limits to sale

  • Over 38 Years In The Market

    Over 38 Years In The Market

  • Great Cost Benefit

    Great Cost Benefit

Product Description

The operating system by automatic valves allows a precise operation demand, that is, the entire volume of water, and therefore Calcium and Magnesium, volume is measured, and then regeneration occurs depending of the amount of softened water, automatically.

This allows an operation under control, with better water quality and lower brine consumption.

This feature is not present in the softeners which regeneration control is made by time, occurring or not water consumption in the period.

This translates into an obvious brine waste in low usage periods, or into "hard water" passing through if consumption exceeds the designed volume. Hidro Solo softeners can operate in continuous supply conditions, when during regeneration the softened water supply is not ceased.

It does not require manpower for execution of regeneration since it is fully automatic, leaving to the operator the function of filling the brine tanks with salt (in solid state).

Disadvantages of hard water
Compromises the performance of detergents, reducing its efficiency and requiring the use of greater amounts of this product, especially in textile industries and laundries.

Promotes the formation of scale in boiler pipes and heat exchangers, compromising their thermal performance and even invalidating its use.

Technical Specifications


Softeners with 1 tank
(Intermittent water supply)
Softeners with 2 tank
(Continuous water supply)
Model Diameter tank (mm) Volume of Cationic Resin (L) * Model Diameter tank (mm) Volume of Cationic Resin (L) *
RC1060015 150 15 RC2060035 150 35
RC1080030 200 30 RC2080065 200 65
RC1100050 250 50 RC2100100 250 100
RC1120075 300 75 RC2120150 300 150
RC1160125 400 125 RC2160250 400 250
RC1240300 600 300 RC2240600 600 600
RC1300450 750 450 RC2300900 750 900
RC1360625 900 625 RC2361250 900 1250
RC1400775 1000 775 RC2401550 1000 1550

Equipment sizing should be performed by  Hidro Solo’s technical department.

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