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Fluoride and Nitrate

 The Fluoride and Nitrate removal Hidro Solo equipment are what is most modern in removing these contaminants from water.

   Their operating system by automatic valves allows a precise operation demand, that is, the entire volume of water, and therefore, fluoride and nitrate are measured and regeneration occurs as a function of the amount of treated water automatically. This allows an operation under control, with better water quality and lower consumption of regenerating.

  Hidro Solo's Fluoride and Nitrate removers operate in a continuous supply system, that is, during the regeneration it  does not cease the supply of treated water.

Exclusive advantages

  • The fully automatic valve works depending on the volume of effectively treated water, regardless of the elapsed time, ensuring high quality, efficiency and preventing brine waste.
  • The regeneration occurs only when it is required, the valve registers the exact quantity of treated water to start the operation, avoiding unnecessary regeneration refereed by time.
  • The system is equipped with dual tanks, which can operate in continuous or intermittent supply, depending on the peculiarities of each project and, being modulated, it can be expanded by simply attaching new modules.
  • The operation is fully automatic. The only operator function is to place periodically salt in the brine tank.
  • Extremely compact, it can be easily installed on the point of use.
  • Regeneration is done with water free of these contaminants, ensuring longer life of the media.
  • The variation in water quality to be treated can be compensated by the easy adaptation of the equipment to the new parameters.


Nitrate elimination of the Water System