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Filter Backwash Automation

Backwash automation system for filters.

PLUVITRON® control panel has the purpose of facilitating and ensuring that whatever are the conditions of the raw water, the backwash operation will be performed within the safety limits.

The PLUVITRON® can operate with a differential pressure switch, where a backwash occurs only when the pressure drop of the filter at a predetermined limit, or operate by time, where the user sets the period in hours as backwashes will occur.

For convenience, PLUVITRON® is supplied with all required components for a fast and accurate assembly: disc pre filter, solenoids and a mounting structure; the assembler only need to connect the 8 mm micro tube to the three way valves.

  • Backwashing process:

The backwash process is carried out by the control unit which sends a signal to the solenoids when the preset head loss is reached. These solenoids send a hydraulic signal that opens the backwash valves, reversing the flow and removing contaminants deposited in the sand.

For manual backwash, simply activate the 3-way valve on the backwash valve lid, or the corresponding button on the control panel.


Exclusive advantages

  • Activation by head loss
  • Simple programming
  • Differential pressure switch included
  • Ingress Protection: IP64 Certified