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Sand filtration systems

Hidro Solo's sand filter sets (assemblies) can be sized for any flow rate and pressure. We use A36 carbon steel in sand filters and manifolds, and couplings and 3-way valves to backwash with types victaulic connection, which practicality and versatility in the assembly.
  • Backwashing process:
We also have the option to automate the sand filters backwash through a programmable control panel, using the head loss as reference. The automated backwash process is carried out by control unit which sends a signal to the solenoids due to a preset head loss. These solenoids send a hydraulic signal that opens the backwash valves, reversing the flow and removing contaminants deposited in the sand. For manual backwash, simply activate the 3-way valve on the backwash valve lid, or the corresponding button on the control panel.   For more details: