Innovative Technologies for Sand Filter Background Construction and Reform

17 set 2019

By: Hidrol Team

Posted on: Irrigation

Hidro Solo comes up with new ways to build and reform funds of sand filters in water treatment plants: Pluvitec Blocks and False Metal Bottom, both carriers of Pluvitec Crepes, which guarantee greater versatility of application in various filter formats, low pressure drop and the possibility of using air as a backwash aid.

The constructive form of Pluvitec Crepes, discs and quantities , provide a total passage area of ​​23.8 cm², with an individual opening (each groove) of 0.4 mm. Because it has very low pressure drop, fewer units can be used per square meter, increasing the spacing between crepines. The current market has crepines that have a passage area of ​​2 to 3cm², that is, 10 times less, and since the backwash flow is 3 to 4 times the operating flow, the largest passage area and less pressure drop. Crepine Pluvitec become even more important. There is also the option of using discs with a 2 mm aperture, which has an even larger total passage, 30.1 cm², and can be used in upward filters or downward filters with support layer.

Pluvitec Blocks are injected with high impact polystyrene and the Pluvitec Crepes have a high-fiberglass-engineered plastic injection molded housing that, together with their shape and overlapping discs, makes them completely collapse-proof. The False Metallic Fund, on the other hand, has a high-tech carbon steel surface treatment and fiberglass coating, which ensures high quality protection against corrosion. Both Pluvitec Blocks and the False Metallic Fund, combined with Pluvitec Crepes, ensure no early disassembly of filters, eliminating repair costs ahead of schedule.

Among the main advantages of Hidro Solo technologies are:

  • Do not provide the support bed when using slotted discs. 0.4 mm. And you can substantially reduce this bed by using our Crepine with 2mm aperture sized discs;
  • Installation of confined concrete blocks, avoiding instability, fluctuation or breakdown; and without the use of concrete in the case of the False Metallic Fund;
  • Quick and easy assembly;
  • High assembly rigidity with no risk of deformation;
  • Work with or without Air as a backwash aid;
  • Absolute uniformity of water and air distribution;
  • There are no mechanical stresses that imply expensive structural constructions;
  • Absolutely standardized dimensions for filter mounting of any size, as well as customizable for a variety of filter construction including fiberglass circular filters;
  • Low cost per square meter;
  • On the False Metal Background the bolts and nuts used for fastening of the floor columns for docking between the plates and for docking the steel plates on the walls are stainless steel and all joints between the plates and between the walls and plates are sealed with fiberglass laminate with polyester resin;
  • Do not require skilled labor to perform assemblies;

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